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Hey there 👋🏻,

I’m Alessandro Pogliaghi and I was born and raised a little bit outside Milan (northern 🇮🇹).

Since very early on, I already did figured out that was deeply interested and fascinated by computers (mainly on the software side) and wanted to deeply understand how they worked.

I hold a BSc. in CS and a MSc. in Financial Technology and Computing Engineering, which combined my two passions of Software Development and its impact on the financial world (MM, HFTs, etc…)

Currently, Square is subscribed to my monthly fee 😄 but I am always up for a chat about interesting projects and opportunities, feel free to contact me!

My Interests

  • Career-oriented
    • Lately I have worked a lot with Python (automation, AI/ML and backend) and Java but I am interested in learning more about

      • Go, Rust, OCaml and some other stuff 👀

      I have worked and played around with many more languages and I am always open to really exciting opportunities!

    • I would gladly be willing to work for companies that solve today’s problems with Software, there are a ton of areas in which software already has or could have an impact. This may sound a bit 🧀, but that’s my long-term plan!

    • DevOps, I believe that a lot of promising services are popping up and may improve the situation that we see in the industry (looking at you CF/TF 😩)

    • Reverse Engineering and analysis of binaries (x86, arm64)

    • Automating the hell out of tedious or manual tasks

    • Interested in modern Payments Solutions and the Fintech sector as a whole.

  • EV World
    • tesla addicted
    • Excited about technologies that could help in the green transition
  • Other
    • Love to drive 🚘
    • Love to cook 👨🏻‍🍳 and try out new things
    • Gooner & Boston Celtics supporter
I automate stuff
I feel this on a deeper level